"Peace, Love and Understanding You and Your Dog"

"Don’t Train. Communicate."

"Discover Your Ultimate Companion"

"Bringing trust and clarity to the dog/owner relationship."

Plaudology™ is a unique philosophy built on the core idea of confidence training, not obedience training. All too often people are training dogs based on outdated techniques (treats, electric collars, etc.) that lead to confusion and frustration for both dog and owner. Plaudology™ uses a customized, holistic approach that focuses on communication, interpretation and understanding of both dog and owner. Plaudologists™ specialize in mental stimulation vs. physical exhaustion, cognitive training and boundary setting. All the techniques used are based on trust and honesty in order to guide the harmony between animal and owner, creating a more loving and respectful home. Care.


To create more rewarding, peaceful relationships founded in trust, communication, and understanding between all dogs, owners and canine industry professionals.


Worldwide adoption of the holistic theories supporting peace, respect and understanding in all phases of canine care.